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Exploring for Minerals and Precious Metals

In Nevada USA and South America


Helius Minerals embodies a rejuvenated strategy, with a sharp focus on the identification and exploration of high-quality mineral assets across the Americas, with an emphasis on South American jurisdictions. Guided by a newly assembled management team, our mission is to efficiently identify, acquire, and explore precious and base-metal projects. Our team boasts extensive experience spanning over two decades, encompassing numerous operations, and a track record of identifying and discovering mineral deposits. The wealth of expertise of our new management positions Helius Minerals to operate efficiently and execute on strategic acquisitions within a dynamic landscape.


Altan Nevada is a leading exploration innovator focused on discovering large-scale ore

systems in under-explored regions of Nevada, USA. Projects include copper-gold targets in the Yerington District, and large-scale gold alteration systems along the Walker Lane lineament in central Nevada.


With over two decades in the mining realm, our adept team melds profound expertise in geological science with astute resource exploration.


Specializing in gold and diverse mineral exploration, our seasoned professionals navigate the intricacies of the mining industry with finesse.


From intricate geological surveys to innovative extraction methods, we’re driven by a relentless pursuit of uncovering invaluable resources while prioritizing sustainability and technological advancement.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and pioneering approaches defines us as leaders in the realm of mining and exploration.

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